Thursday, 25 April 2013

The End is Nigh

So, I'm having quite a hectic week. I only have another few weeks left of uni, and then the graduate exhibition in June, so the reality of actually finishing now is well and truly HERE.

On Monday I did one of my final shoots in the studio, doing something a little out of my comfort zone - working with video to make a short film to accompany my final images for my FMP. It was really fun, and can't wait to get editing the footage, even though I am a complete noob, you gotta learn these things at some point though, right?

Here's a teeny sneak peak for you. (All this work will be shown in an exhibition @ The Rag Factory, London June 13th)

I have another two shoots lined up for this week, although being so dependant on weather (and welsh weather at that!) is a pain in the buttocks, tonight is a total right off as it's decided to cloud over (doing nightscapes/astrophotography has it's downsides). But it's looking positive for the next couple of days so will have to cram them in and hope for the best! Not to put any pressure on myself or anything...sigh.

Otherwise, I'm working my ass off for the other elements of my last ever university hand in. Last ever...

Oh, and blogging, of course.