Thursday, 4 April 2013

Quite Time

I've been neglecting this blog a bit recently. I know, I'm full of neglect and excuses. This time though, it isn't the dreaded dissertation that's been distracting me, but, a brand new spanking website that I'm working on.

Don't tell blogger, but it's on wordpress. I'm cyber cheating on Blogger. Shht. 

I'm so close to finishing it, I can't wait to show you all! I'm having a good friend and amazing designer Adam Chard (Croatoan Design) to help me with some cool font/logo-ey type stuff so I'm hoping it'll look sick. Sick as in good. Not puke.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for an update soon with a link to my website.



p.s I still love you blogger, you're so chilled and easy to live with, wordpress is far too complicated and has some issues it needs to work out, but you both please me in different ways. Don't judge.

p.p.s I'm also cheating on you with facebook. I'm such an internet slag! (Go look and like!)