Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day 1 - Hola Peru

Day 1 -  1st May

I arrived in Peru slightly later than expected, thanks to a crazy lady in Lima who missed her plane to Cusco who then proceeded to run out the gate without permission and then, once that plan failed, she tried to hijack our plane – how was she not arrested?! There I was thinking I had to be on my best behaviour in Peru…

Anyway, once I finally arrived, Dave from Fauna Forever came to meet me at the airport; the house was only 10 minutes away he told me. I arrived to be greeted by the 10 other housemates. I was given some time to settle in and was then told that I will only be there for one night as I would be heading out to the jungle tomorrow – a bit of a shock to me I thought I would mainly be in the house as my position is social media/marketing intern as it has internet there and not in the jungle, but hell it was good news for me! So I had a shower just in time for lunch.

We headed out to town for lunch, the restaurant was really sweet, and had some great looking food as well as some awesome homemade lemonade and fresh juice. I got to know the housemates/volunteers a little better. Afterwards we went to the local blue market by scooter taxi to pick up some last minute bits to go into the jungle with. My first sightings of Peru were pretty much what I expected, scooters everywhere with a huge lack of health and safety, seeing a man riding on the back of the scooted dragging a machete along the road confirmed this fact for me, busy streets full of people and markets full of food and colour, stray cats and dogs everywhere you turn – full of character, basically.

Blue Market

The evening consisted of chilling out, having a health and safety briefing for the jungle and scrambling for internet to try and let people know that I would be un-contactable for a while – I couldn’t even log in to facebook so all of about three/four people were lucky enough to get an email (which took all day to send, so apologies to those who might think I’m dead right now).
Zoe, one of the housemates, and the other creative media intern made some delicious food and a few of us chatted all evening about what why we’re here, what we can achieve, the changes that the Peruvian landscape has witnessed over the last century and the adventure ahead of us. 

Time for bed!