Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 3 - Awake in the jungle

Day 3 – 3rd May

First day waking up in the jungle, I slept quite well considering the almost deafening noise of the crickets, monkeys, birds and all the other wildlife, but I found it quite relaxing to hear the outside noise while I was safe under my mosquito net.

I woke up about 7am ready for breakfast, which was a huge bowl of chocolate oats, boiled eggs and more bread than you can shake a stick at, but I made myself eat as I knew I would be hungry while trekking so I filled up. Me, Corrie and Juancarlos, the Mammal coordinator, went for a mid morning trek along the river trail towards the waterfall, it was too late in the day to see any mammals, but we saw some spiders and insects, lots of butterflies, fungi, a couple of bats and birds, and some cat tracks - which was awesome. We think it was an Ocelot track, and it seemed pretty fresh. It's known that the cats do use the bridges and trails than man has made, it's so amazing to think that I'm walking in the same paw steps as these amazing cats. At the end of the trail we had the satisfaction of sitting on the top of the beautiful and serene waterfall. I could have stayed there all day. Before I leave I have to go back and just sit there for the day, it's so peaceful. 

Being out in the jungle is so amazing. It's everything I hoped it would be and more. I feel instantly at home here; walking through the trail and following the marks and taking time to soak in all the different plants, trees, insects, smells etc. is an unique feeling. There's so much for me to learn here, 

We made our way back to camp along the waterfall trail and were yet again, greeted by lunch (I love that this is becoming a thing!). The rain came in the afternoon, most people were out on field so it was peaceful at camp and the smell of the rain was wonderful, and the gentle breeze that came with it was even more welcomed.  So I spent the afternoon rummaging through pictures, drinking tea, and slapping myself every once in a while to see if I'm actually just dreaming that I'm in the Amazon or not. It seems that I am most definitely awake and alive in the jungle. 


P.s Coca tea is my new favourite thing.