Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Three T's

Take Time to Think

A wise woman once said to me, thinking is important. 

Thinking. Hmm. Surely we think all the time, we think even if it's subconsciously, crazy. We set the alarm to wake us up another day; what to wear today, what will I have for lunch, are those new shoes really necessary? That's thinking, right? 

I'm one of those over thinkers. People are always telling me "You think too much!" or "You're over-thinking things" as if it's such a bad thing, but it's my way of analysing a situation or occurrence. This gives me a logistical or well thought out process of action from me, if needs be. Yes those shoes are definitely necessary.

But when was the last time we sat down and really thought. Not about todays work politics, or how many calories have been consumed. But taking the time to stop, hear what your mind has to say, and really listen. Sometime with such a busy lifestyle and schedule, something that I believe is so instinctive, the connection with our mind and thoughts has been lost, and we've given it the job of sifting through everyday shit that we "think" is important. We are too busy for ourselves most of the time, a luxury we are privileged enough to have, yet too often dismiss. 

Well, thinking is important. Go. Take a break. Listen to you what you have to say to yourself. Be armed with not your phone, or your workload, but your time. Go and be alone with your thoughts, whether it be in the bath, on a park bench, or in bed. You don't require any fancy gadgets, just yourself. 

Enjoy, be upset, get angry. But think. 

Today I took the time to think. 
Time thinking is not time wasted.