Thursday, 1 November 2012

Welcome - Ffoto Of the Week

Hello there.

How we all doing? Good? Good. 

I've had my blog up and running for 2 months now, blimey. Throughout this whole time, I keep finding amazing artwork, imagery, illustrations and all sorts of amazing visual stuff right at my fingertips (thanks to the crazy looney computer scientist guy for inventing the internet)! 

Some are relevant to my work or my projects and some aren't. So, as part of archiving this great work, and satisfying my need for wanting to share other peoples work - the art world really need to help out it's brothers and sisters, and little cousins - and to show you guys maybe something, or someone, you have never seen or heard before. 

You never know, you might discover something you love! 

Also, please feel free to send me links, or suggest some artists you think deserve a bit more love @ and if they tickle my fancy they might just be my Ffoto of the Week!

Check out the first ever Ffoto of the week here '2012.45'