Sunday, 2 December 2012


I have a double whammy for you this week. I couldn't just pick one of Lissy Elle's images to show you (bit of confusion over her name - lots of people spelling it Lissie!). They seem so much more powerful together, so why deprive you of that. Her body of work is really quite lovely, her website and blog are something I could look through for hours. So this is just a very small insight into her work. If you like what you see, and have some time, I would seriously recommend looking through some of her other work. 

At the moment workload is becoming quite full on for me, and I'm generally feeling quite stressed. Yes, students do work hard, sometime. These images with their gorgeous pastel colours, simplistic content and gentle figures have this feeling of relaxation, letting your body take control; do what it wants. I can almost imaging what it feels to break these laws of physics, and just let my body float in mid air. The stress feels like it's melting away as I look at them. Bliss. 

A beautiful representation of the female body in a weightless and seemingly effortless letting go of control. 

I'm off to practice my floating techniques. I will break you, gravity.