Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We Are Cardiff - Best Blog

So, thursday the 20th of September was this years Wales Blog Awards evening. Set in the unsurprisingly gorgeous new Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

I work as a photographer on the blog We Are Cardiff. Along with some other very dedicated and special people, we work really hard on the blog, so it was great to be recognised and nominated in these awards. We were up for two. Best Community, and Best Multimedia. I, of course, arrived with bells on. Where's the wine?

The first award of the night had to be the one we were nominated for. Best Community blog. Unfortunately we didn't snap this one up, but a big congratulations to Cwmbran Life, a great all rounder for the community of Cwmbran.

The other award we were up for, best multimedia, was picked up by the amazing blog of Cardiff Before Cardiff (one of my personal favourites). This was a night of great blogs, and not all that I'd known of, so I have been introduced to some fab new blogs too. And a massive congratulations to everyone who won.

Although for We Are Cardiff, almost all hope was lost in winning an award. The only one left was people's choice award, which was a distant dream now. Three years of being nominated, and each time we left empty handed. Our hopes were low, our chance lost....

Or was it?


I know, gracious, right? But we are so excited

Helia accepting the award

I think Helia put it really well in saying that getting any award is fantastic, but to know that the public had voted for us is even more rewarding and gives us the backing that we need to realise that our blog is being recognised and appreciated. It was a fantastic evening, and thank to everyone who was involved in it and to all the sponsors who help make it happen.

But here's to the biggest thank you ever to everyone who voted for We Are Cardiff, forever grateful and hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

Here's us enjoying the moment, thank you... 

Received champagne and flowers and everything

Smiles all round


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